Welcome To Da Pizza Cafe

Little Story

DA PIZZA CAFE / AD PIZZA HUB is not just a food cafe. We share love & hapiness. This project is started by Mr. Sunil Singh and Mr.Jagdish Singh (Business Owner).This Business was started by both person and now in recent time. We are the Team in Food Ordering System.

we are working in this field from last 3 years and getting regular growth in the competition of food making and delivery services.DA PIZZA CAFE / AD PIZZA HUB is based in Etawah, India, and as of september 2020 was operating in 6(Etawah,Mahewa,Mainpuri,jalesar,Firozabad , Saurikh (kannuj) and Shikohabad) cities in Uttar Pradesh. DA PIZZA CAFE is  online food ordering and delivery platform founded in 10-03-2017 DA PIZZA CAFE expanded into general product deliveries under the name Da Pizza Cafe and Ad Pizza Hub Stores.


" If you're not the one cooking, stay out of the way and compliment the chef. "